Bosnia and Herzegovina – Searching for Lost Identity

The project Bosnia And Herzegovina Searching For Lost Identity is a media-cultural project, consisting of several different segments. It is unique in its research, cultural and phenomenological orientation.

An additional segment of the project is a series of visual artists’ works based on the same subject and conceived as personal statements / messages for public dissemination in the form of postcards (posters, billboards).

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Produced as part of project Bosnia and Herzegovina Searching for Lost Identity

The project is based on a series of documentaries and fictions, which study the subject of country’s identity from an author’s point of view. The chief editor (author of the project) develops each film together with the authors. The chosen author addresses the issue of identity in a personal manner and artistic expression. Other segments of the project, apart from the films, are an exhibition on identity and a TV campaign.

Lately, there has been much debate in Bosnian media on what B-H is today. Those discussions of course talk about some past alleged country’s identities. In this moment, when this country lives between myths about itself and reality, which is so far away from those myths, it is necessary to start thinking about essential questioning and ask the question what is Bosnia And Herzegovina today, what it has been in recent history, and what is that history offers us as a starting point. The issues of marginalisation, consequences of the aggression, displacement, cultural and religious differences, are not new ones, but they are definitely the ones which should be addressed.

The goal of this project is to initiate an essential discussion and start questioning the dogma concerning the identity of Bosnia And Herzegovina, and also start listening to answers, which could help in building a more complete image of oneself and their virtues and flaws, and finally to accept the possibility of debate as the foundation of that identity. The project’s goal is not to find the answer, but, we hope, a starting point of a long term process. The 12 films are being realised with 12 different authors, or groups of authors, who have tackled the issue of identity in their previous works. An individual identity is complex and hard to define, and a country’s identity is possible to try to define through many individual ones. Two basic approaches to many aspects of the identity are cultural-historic and phenomenological. The documentary genre is treated in a widest possible way. All the authors of the films are the citizens of this country, no matter where they live. The role of emigrants is important in a sense of defining the identity of a country, which functions as an almost imaginary picture of those who have left and as a space for struggling for survival of those who have stayed or returned.

  1. What do I Know, Šejla Kamerić, Timur Makarević
  2. Interrogation, Namik Kabil
  3. City of Golf, Igor Bararon
  4. Shopping, Alen Drljević
  5. Man Still Goes to the Moon, Dragan Rokvić
  6. Patria Mia, Nomad Direction, Duška Zagorac
  7. Diagnosis SBH, Enes Zlatar
  8. This Day in History, Zoran Ćatić, Sead Kreševljaković, Miroslav Živanović
  9. Isola Bella, Danica Dakić
  10. Anybody, Timur Makarević
  11. Kalli Yuga, Faruk Lončarević
  12. Searching for…, Amra Bakšić Čamo