Return of Bruce Lee

BRuce lee 01

The Bruce Lee monument in Mostar is the first on in the world. It was revealed on 26th November 2005, a day before the one in Hong Kong was revealed for his 65thbirthday. However, on the first night it was vandalized, his nun chucks were ripped off, and then it was moved to the basement of The City Government building, where it stayed until May of 2013, and then it was placed again on the same spot in the park Zrinjevac. Wećve talked to the citizens of Mostar about what the monument meant to them then when it was placed for the first time, and what it means to them now, when it has been placed again after eight years. It looks as if the monument has much more to do with what is happening to Mostar than one would assume.

Bruce lee 04

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