TV production

Since 2001. has developed original programs for television. So far, we have produced over 250 hours of television programming, focusing mainly on educational, documentary and cultural subjects. Kuhinja ( for BHTV), an alternative magazine on culture, with its 118 episodes, focused on a whole new  generation of artists and cultural workers and raised relevant question on the role of culture and art in Bosnian society. Ču Dzo Am Show ( for BHTV), top list of unpopular singles, presented “other” music on TV. Domaća lekira ( for BHTV), a documentary series of 24 episodes, presented and analysed the most significant Bosnian novels of the second half of the twentieth century. Najbolja emisija za mlade ( for BHTV) focused on a younger audience with an aim to educate and entertain teenagers. The Tales of Transition documentary series were presented both on Al Jazeera Balkans and BHTV.

Currently we are producing a series titled Everyday Heroes on commission form Al Jazeera Balkans. The series tells the stories of people from around the region as they struggle with everyday reality and in the process stand up for what they believe in. Their projects, their life, their stories will not immediately change the present reality, but will make it more bearable, more humane. Their actions will not end up in daily news, but the effects will be seen throughout the years to come.