Lost in Transition

Sarajevo Picnic “Lost in Transition”
Artistic and media event of cultural linking


SCCA/pro.ba organised Sarajevo Picnic 2005 LOST IN TRANSITION from 16th to 19th June 2005. It was an artistic and media event of cultural linking of non-governmental organisations and institutions from the region and the whole Europe. Sarajevo Picnic payed attention to art in transition and artistic and cultural practices related to notions of PLACE AND PERSPECTIVE. With its various programmes Sarajevo Picnic stimulated the exchange of ideas and defined European extremes through debates, video screenings, musical performance, presentations of different projects and panel discussions.

As a part of the Sarajevo Picnic two lectures were held at the Academy of Fine Arts on 16th June 2005. The subject of the first lecture was: “background, history and practice”. The lecturer was Zlatan Filipović. The second lecture was: “shake of hand as a cultural means of linking”. The lecturer was Stephen Kovats.

During Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. at Atmejdan park open discussions were held. The subjects were:”defining cultural territory”, “no borders” and “media in transition”. Sarajevo Picnic is the continuation of the project “Trans-European Picnic: Art and Media in Transition”, by kuda.org/V2_Institute (www.transeuropicnic.org).