documentary film by Namik Kabil

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011, color, HD, 44ʼ

Premiere at the ZagreDox Film Festival 2011.


Every last weekend of July thousands people gather in village Cevljanovici, thirty kilometers from Sarajevo. They watch bloodless bullfights; they dance and eat until they literally collapse. What is a rather mysterious magnetic force that pulls all these people together, always at the same time of the year, always at the same place?

Director’s Biography:

Namik Kabil was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied film in Los Angeles where he was a member of the theatre group The Grace Players, where he worked as a director, writer and actor. He wrote a novel, Alone, and several award winning screenplays: DAYS AND HOURS, THE RUIN, and THE LAST DAY.  In 2007 his documentary INTERROGATION won the Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary at the Sarajevo Film Festival. His feature NIGHTGUARDS had a world premiere in 2008 at the Venice Film Festival. Namik lives in Sarajevo.

Director’s Filmography:

2011 Magnet, doc.,

2009 Vjernici, doc.,

2008 Čuvari noći,

2007 Informativni razgovori, doc.


Written and Directed by: Namik Kabil

DOP and Editing: Timur Makarević

Producer: Adnan Beširović


  • Zagreb Dox 2011