Isola Bella

Short documentary film
Documentary experimental
Color, HD
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany
Starting from the question of cultural and national identity, this film is dedicated to those Bosnians and Herzegovinans, who neither reflect their national identity nor are they included in the constructions of national discourses. The project was realized in cooperation with the marionette theater group of the home for children and youth with special needs in Pazarić, Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Isola Bella” is the name of an idyllic panorama-wallpaper from the 19th century, which is still produced today in the “Zuber & Cie” manufactory in Rixheim, Alsace and depicts a vision of the world as an uninhabited island untouched by the consequences of industrialization and nationalism. The wallpaper becomes the backdrop of a theatrical play: The residents of the home in Pazarić perform a marionette piece from their repertoire.
  • Director and scriptwriter: Danica Dakić
  • Director of Photography: Eggbert Trogemann
  • Producers: Amra Bakšić Čamo
  • Production: SCCA/