Borderline Lovers

Documentary feature
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Slovenia
Anesa and Dragan. In accordance with the nations they belong to, Anesa lives in the eastern part of Mostar, and Dragan lives in the western part. They both love motorbikes, tattoos and fun. But their parents... Ozrenka and Marko are full of questions. How is it even possible for a Croatian woman from Dubrovnik to meet a Montenegrin whose compatriots attacked her city not so long ago? However, they have been meeting at the border between the two countries for the past three years. Adila and Velibor. A couple from the Sarajevo settlement of Dobrinja. His father was in the Serbian army, her family was in Sarajevo, under siege. Not a single member of the two families came to their wedding. But their struggle is different now: how do they earn for a living?

Anesa i Dragan, Ozrenka i Marko, Adila i Velibor

  • Chicago International Film Festival 2005 – Best Documentary – Nominee – Gold Hugo
  • Locarno International Film Festival 2005 – Golden Leopard – Video – Nominee
  • Munich Filmfest 2006 – GOLDEN LETTER AWARD – Winner – Best Documentary
  • Indianapolis 2006. (competition)
  • Los Angeles Southeast European Film Festival 2006 – Official Selection
  • Sarajevo Film Festival 2005 – Documentary Competition Programme – Special Jury Award for Human Rights
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  • Director and scriptwriter: Miroslav Mandić
  • Directors of Photography: Mirsad Herović, Erol Zubčević
  • Editing: Miralem Zubčević, Krasimira Veličkova
  • Sound design: Saša Lošić
  • Original music: Saša Lošić
  • Producers: Amra Bakšić Čamo, Miroslav Mandić, Zijad Mehić
  • Production: SCCA/, Filmostovje