1395 Days Without Red

Feature length film
16:9 HD, Color
Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Kingdom
The city is Sarajevo, and the route the woman takes became known as Sniper Alley during the siege of the city endured by its citizens for 1395 days between 1992 and 1996. The woman, played by Spanish actress Maribel Verdu, is reliving the experience of the trauma of the siege. It is her individual journey in the collective memory of the city.

Maribel Verdú

  • Manchester International Film Festival 2011 – Official Selection
  • Crossing Europe 2012 – Official Selection
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  • Director and scriptwriter: Šejla Kamerić, Anri Sala
  • Director of Photography: Patrick Ghiringhelli
  • Editing: Penda Houzangbe, Nelly Ollivault
  • Production design: Jasmin Sahinpasic
  • Costume design: Sanja Džeba, Emina Kujundžić
  • Make-up: Sylvie Imbert
  • Original music: Ari Benjamin Meyers
  • Sound design: Burak Topalakci, Srđan Kurpjel
  • Co-producers: Amra Bakšić Čamo, Jovan Marjanović
  • Co-production: SCCA/pro.ba
  • Producers: James Lingwood
  • Production: Artangel Media
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