What do I know

short fiction by Sejla Kameric & Timur Makarevic

Bosnia and Herzegovina/Slovenia, 2007,  color, 35mm, 15ʼ,
Premiered at Official Selection Venice Film Festival
What do I know...


In a house and around it love stories interlace. One love affects another. The ghosts of love remain to seek the answer to the same question: “What do I know about love?” The story is written as a remembrance of somebody else’s loves, which I haven’t witnessed. The house in the story is real.

Director’s Biographies

Sejla Kameric was born in Sarajevo in 1976. Finished studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, department graphic design. Until 2000 worked as an art director in “Fabrika”, Sarajevo. Has been a member of the European Cultural Parliament since 2002. Has been a member of Young Global Leaders Forum since 2005. Uses mainly photography and video in her artworks. Has participated in many group exhibitions in BiH and abroad and residential programmes; has had 14 solo exhibitions, actions, interventions in public spaces.The first exhibition was at the first Annual Exhibition of the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts (SCCA) “Meeting Point” in Sarajevo in 1997. The latest big exhibition was at The 15th Biennale of Sidney “Zones of Contact” (Australia, June – September 2006). Has done works in the fields of graphic design, theatre, film. Won DAAD – Berlin Residency for 2007.

Timur Makarevic was born in 1976 in Jajce (B&H). Finished secondary art school and started studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Left studies after the war and started working at the Soros Centre for Contemporary Arts (SCCA) in Sarajevo, and still works there. Has had additional education in France and Italy. Has made several short films, art videos and many music videos. His documentary “Modern Bosnia” won the Best Student Film award in Belgrade in 2001.

In collaboration with: Emotion Film, Ljubljana
OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz


Cast: Dilka Buljina, Nermina Buljina, Aldijana Suljić, Emir Lilić, Tarik Lagumdžija, Nermin Zvizdić, Ana Luna Vranić Džeba
Costume: Sanja Džeba
Production design: Sanja Džeba
Sound design: Igor Čamo
Music: Dušan Vranić
D. O. P: Vladimir Trivić
Editing: Timur Makarević
Writer: Šejla Kamerić
Directors: Šejla Kamerić, Timur Makarević


  • Venice Film Festival
  • Festival de Arte Mare
  • Zagreb Film Festival (Best Short)
  • Glasgow Film Festival
  • AFIA Film Festival
  • Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival
  • Tabacalera San Sebastian
  • Babelgum Online Film Festival
  • NeXt Film Festival
  • Festival International du Film d’Aubagne
  • Sedmica filma Mostar
  • Diagonale
  • Crossing Europe Linz
  • Festival Internacional de Filmets
  • Adana Golden Boll Film Festival (Best Fiction)
  • Expresion En Corto
  • HighTide Festival
  • 6th Mediterranean Short film Festival Tanger
  • Bucharest Film Festival
  • Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival New York
  • Best of Short Films Festival of La Ciotat
  • Festival Mare Terra
  • Jerusalem Film Festival
  • Cortopotere Short Film Festival
  • Week of Balkan Cinema, Moscow
  • Aarhus Film Festival
  • Teheran Short Film Festival
  • Eastern Neighbours Film Festival
  • La Boca del Lobo’s International Short-film Festival
  • Europe at Crossroads, Toronto
  • Bodrum Film Festival
  • DokuFest Prizren