fiction feature by Namik Kabil

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008, HD to 35mm, color, 85 min
Premiered at 65. Venice Film Festival Settimana Della Critica



In a one-night introspection we follow Mahir on his duty as a nightguard in a furniture showroom in present-day Sarajevo. Mahir is married to Geraldine for three years and still they have no children. So Mahir becomes convinced that he is pregnant. From that moment, he keeps throwing up. His best friend is Brizla, the next-door nightguard at the sanitary ware showroom. They meet and play their ritual game “Home-you-go”. Brizla suspects something is wrong with Mahir but still does not have a clue that Mahir is pregnant. War veteran neighbor is making their night harder, triggering the alarm system, which alerts the police to inspect. Former soldiers are still in uniforms, but they are now just guards, guarding the furniture from themselves.
The resolution comes with the morning coffee, end of the day for friends. Mahir announces that he is back to normal and he does not throw up anymore.
Mahir was not throwing up intentionally in the first place nor was he aware of the invisible connection to his wife. The Nightguards is about making this connection visible without ever mentioning it.

Director’s Biography

Namik Kabil was born in Tuzla, BiH, in 1968. He completed his film studies at the Santa Monica College and the Los Angeles City College, Los Angeles, USA. He currently lives in Sarajevo and works as writer, scriptwriter and film director. He has written several TV scripts, as well as the script for DAYS AND HOURS, the feature directed by Pjer Zalica. His documentary INTERROGATION has won the Best Documentary Film award at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2007. THE NIGHTGUARDS is his first feature film.

Director’s Filmography

  • 2008 Believers, doc
  • 2008 The Nightguards, fiction feture
  • 2007 Interrogation, doc. (Best Documentary, Sarajevo 2007)
  • 2005 Return, doc.
  • 2003 Sex Planet, short fiction


  • Directed by: Namik Kabil
  • Written by: Namik Kabil
  • Director of Photography: Vladimir Trivic
  • Production Design: Sanja Dzeba
  • Sound by: Igor Camo
  • Editing by: Timur Makarevic
  • Produced by: Amra Baksic Camo


  • Vahid Piralic / Mahir
  • Milan Pavlovic / Brizla
  • Haris Alic / Policeman
  • Namik Kabil / Commando
  • Belma Lizde – Kurt / Geraldine
  • Mediha Musliovic / Senada
  • Alban Ukaj / Baker
  • Armin Bajramovic – Andrijanic / Deni

Festival screenings:

  • 23. International Film Critics Week – 65. Venice Film Festival
  • 32. International Göteborg Film Festival
  • 3. International Bursa Silk Road Film Festival
  • 10. International Film Festival Bratislava
  • 7. Festival of European Film Skopje
  • 37. International Film Festival Belgrade – FEST

Supported by

  • General sponsor: BH Telecom
  • Fondacija za kinematografiju Sarajevo,
  • Ministarstvo kulture i sporta Kantona Sarajevo,
  • Grad Sarajevo,
  • Goteborg Film Festival Fund
  • Partners: Unipromet, Malagić