Mum ‘n’ Dad

fiction feature by Faruk Loncarevic

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2006, colour, 35 mm, 65′.
Premiered at Official Competition Selection Sarajevo Film Festival (Jury Prize)


The year is two thousand and something. An elderly couple live alone in a flat in Sarajevo, with their own rituals: drinking coffee, playing cards, watching TV. The husband (Dad) has had a stroke and although he is still physically strong, he has difficulties in communication. The wife (Mum) is a lively elderly lady who is, after 50 years, now using the husbands disability to change the things around in this old-fashioned, patriarchal family. Dad must not allow that and he opposes it in the only way he can, with physical force.

Director’s biography

Faruk Loncarevic was born in 1975. He graduated from the film and TV directing department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in 2000. He has worked in theatre, on TV and film. He has made several shorts, and his first feature film is “JUDGMENT DAY – PREVIEW”, documentary about tsunami in Southeast Asia.

Director’s statement

This film is a story of an elderly couple – the husband suffers a stroke, and the wife uses that to pay him back for fifty years of life of deceit, stubbornness, violence and everything else that happens ’behind closed doors’. This need to show their intimacy dictated the form, i.e. the reality-show style, as notoriously voyeuristic, the last cry of the magic box – television, which has become the altar of a new religion. Our heroes are closed inside the box, they cannot get out, but unlike what we normally see in such programs, they are not young, pretty, ambitious and ready for any kind of romantic adventure. They are, in fact, real people, our parents, our grandparents, maybe even we ourselves, people whose foundations are slipping, and without such foundations all that we have always taken for granted, the kindness, morality and love of our lives crumble down, and all that is left hatred, violence and instincts. I want to trap viewers with the box as the bait, and then, just for a short while, offer them something different from what the box normally gives them.


  • 2006 – Mama i tata,
  • 2006 – JUDGMENT DAY – PREVIEW, documentary
  • 2001 – Pauza za kafu, short
  • 1999 – Lice, shor