documentary by Namik Kabil

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2007, 45ʼ, color, DigiBeta
Premiered at Official Selection Sarajevo Film Festival



How well do we remember the war? Is it hard for us talk about it? Do we start remembering suddenly when talking about it? Interrogation investigate the trauma, but not aiming at human pain. On the contrary, this film attempts to open the abysses of the war denial, which have become a dominant, but silent dimension of everyday life in the post-war Bosnia And Herzegovina.

Director’s biography

Namik Kabil was born in Tuzla in 1968. He completed his film studies at the Santa Monica College and Los Angeles City College in the United States. He lives in Sarajevo and works as a writer, screen writer and director. He’s written several TV series and the feature film “Kod amidze Idriza”, directed by Pjer Zalica.

Director’s Filmography

  • 2008 Believers, doc
  • 2008 The Nightguards, fiction feature
  • 2007 Interogation, doc. (Best Documentary, Sarajevo 2007)
  • 2005 Return, doc.
  • 2003 Sex Planet, short fiction
Participants: Zagorka Borota, Safet Buljko, Nadja Dizdarević, Nisvet Džanko, Rahela Džidić, Gradimir Gojer, Senka Ibrišimbegović, Amra Kihić, Nedžad Kordić – Brzi, Matija Lapenda, Jasmina Musabegović, Samir i Amir Pašalić, Hasna Sinanović, Dino Šaran, Faruk Šehić, Muhamed Tepić – Hamo
Make-up: Lamija Hadžihasanović
Light: Safet Kutlovac
Sound recording and sound design: Igor Čamo
Song “Haram il’ halal” performed by: Dino Šaran
D. O. P: Almir Đikoli, Boris Jugo
Editing: Timur Makarević
Writer: Namik Kabil
Assistant Director: Faruk Lončarević
Production Assistant: Adis Đapo
Producer: Amra Bakšić Čamo
Director: Namik Kabil