City of Golf

documentary film by Igor Bararon

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008, color, HD, 40ʼ


The city of golf is in fact the city of Volkswagen Golf, the car which was once the symbol of the city’s prosperity and life of the pre-war Sarajevo. Golf still dominates the city streets in all of its versions and all of its stages of decay. Following the story of Golf in Sarajevo we learn about desires, hopes and the life of the city, we meet heroes who try to restore the civic aspect to the Bosnian society.

Director’s Biography:

gor Bararon was born in Sarajevo in 1969. He studied dramaturgy at the University of Bologna, Italy. During his studies he worked as an actor in different theatre groups in Rome, Rimini and Bologna. Since 1997 he’s worked in many documentaries in Italy, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo, The Netherlands and Austria. As an actor he’s appeared in many short films, and was the leading male role in the film “Auswege” by Nina Kusturica. He lives and works in Vienna.


Written and Directed by: Igor Bararon

DOP and Editing: Timur Makarevic

Producer: Amra Bakšić Čamo